#JollofWars: Nigeria wins first ever competition in Washington DC

Absolutely nothing like Nigerian jollof!

When will Ghanaians accept that Nigerian jollof rice is by far superior to theirs? They are the only ones who believe that Ghanaian jollof is worthy competition.

In the US capital city of Washington DC,  a jollof hackathon, Jollof Festival, was organized to find out which country’s version of the popular dish was the best. All 600 onlookers agreed that the Nigerian version was the best. The winning chef, Atinuke Ogunsalu other West African countries like Ghana, Cameroon and Sierra Leone to prove that Nigerian jollof was indeed the best. She got a thousand dollars worth of support services from the organizer of the event.

Ghanaian vs Nigerian jollof: Which is better?

Perhaps now all these small small countries will accept the superiority of the amazing Nigerian jollof. We’re not their mate.

via Nigerian Entertainment Today